R.V.Raghavendra Rao PGT Biology

JNV Vizianagaram

From excitement to disappointment on the first day of school! Who could have imagined that anyone as excited as I was about first grade could possibly have been disappointed? There were only two first grade teachers at my elementary school. One was young and pretty and just beginning her teaching career. I so wanted to be in her class. The other teacher, Mrs. Sharma, seemed ancient, and I had heard from neighbors that she was very strict. When I was assigned to her class, I was devastated. But, when I discovered that Mrs. Sharma was a magician, all disappointment vanished. She taught me the names of the letters in the alphabet.  After Mrs. Sharma worked her magic, I began teaching my younger brother everything I learned at school. He was as excited as I was about those magical letters and the sounds they made. The first six years of my life, my parents and grandparents had read to me, but now I was a reader. For hours each day, I read my little books aloud to my family members.

Mrs. sharma reputation for strictness was well deserved. She was strict, but she was also kind. I knew that she genuinely cared for me even when she sent me to the hall for talking. I can remember how patiently she explained that I could talk at recess but not during class. After I began teaching, I recalled my trips to the hall. I developed new appreciation for the patience teaching requires. Throughout elementary school, I visited Mrs. Sharma’s classroom. When I was in fourth and fifth grades, she allowed me to grade papers. She told me what she expected of the students in her classroom. I knew that I wanted to be a first grade teacher just like Mrs. Sharma. I wanted to create the same magical learning environment for my students that she had created for me.

My quest to become a teacher culminated with student teaching in my senior year of college. I am initially shied away from becoming a teacher, but she soon realized there is “no nobler profession” than teaching. My own K-12 teachers serve as my heroes and i model their teaching style on the example they set for her. I have been working hard to provide my students with exciting and dynamic lessons that are both educational and amusing. I believe in the importance of good teacher preparation programs, continuous support and collaboration opportunities for veteran teachers, and a strong school leadership team to guide and drive achievement.

After graduating from college, I was hired to teach a class of 29 first and second graders in a small rural school district. Realizing that I would be challenged to meet the needs of students with a wide range of abilities, Mr. Johnson graciously offered to be my mentor. Even though we taught in different towns, her assistance was invaluable. When I became an experienced teacher, memories of Mr. Johnson inspired me to offer support and encouragement to new teachers. I credit Mrs. Sharma and Mr. Johnson, remarkable teachers at the beginning and end of my formal educational journey, with molding me into the teacher.

I am today a Post Graduate Teacher in Biology at Jawahar navodaya vidyalaya, Kiltampalem, Vizianagaram, which houses 550 students in grades 6-12. I have been teaching for 17 years and have spent 10 years in this current position. I hold a Master Degree in Botany, Master of Philosophy in Botany, from Andhra University and my Professional clear credential in Bachelor Degree in Education from Andhra University Visakhapatnam.  After 17 years in the classroom, the joy I feel when students begin associating letters and sounds to create words they can read and write has not diminished. Teaching biology students has taken that joy to a new dimension. Seeing the lights in the eyes of my students when they are learning biological science, and knowing that I have helped them communicate in a new way using ICT (information and communication technology) is one of the greatest rewards I could ever receive as a teacher.

In the beginning of my career as educator I was posted in the remote part of the India, Andaman Islands as Biology teacher.   A school situated at one of the remote areas of India. Generally it is neglected a lot in terms of Technology and in service trainings.  The very fact that Intel and Microsoft trained us Under ICT training. It provided hands on ICT learning opportunities, confortable with technology, allowing them to incorporate the internet, web design and project based approaches to support learning, providing professional development programmes to teachers to enable them to integrate technology effectively in their class and to help students acquire key 21st century skills including digital literacy, problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaborative learning. Since then I have changed my teaching learning process. I had been imparting quality education to my students at the residential Jawahar Navodaya vidyalaya.  My vision of bring biology lessons to life.

Today I stand as ICT Innovative Leader for 575 vidyalaya in Technology Planning, e-content development Programme, creating assessment tools,  aligning lessons with educational learning goals and standards in my organization, where I conduct ICT training programmes for Teachers and students on e-learning, m-Learning, Virtual Class Room, Vodcasting (Screencast), Podcasting, wiki’s and blogs in education.

My students know that I value them and expect them to value themselves and their peers. They know that respect, courtesy, and tolerance will be daily lessons in our classroom. Modeling love and respect for my students is the most effective lesson I teach, and it thrilled me to overhear a conversation among a small group of students in my classroom. The question, “Who do you think Mr.Rao likes best?” was asked. A student in the group replied, “That’s silly. He loves us all the same!”

I would hope that my colleagues, former students, and parents would say that my greatest contribution to education is my passion for inspiring my students to have fun, learn, and always do their best work. I have seen evidence of this passion in several of my former students who have become teachers. I have even had the pleasure of teaching on a team with one of my former students. I believe that my passion for teaching was one factor that inspired my former students to pursue teaching careers.

I have been honored with various National and International awards in the field of ICT for integrating innovative practices in Class room teaching learning. I am expertise in ICT and acting resources person for national level training programmes and workshops.

I am proud to teach in an environment where I can learn from the experience and wisdom of my colleagues. Their willingness to collaborate and their encouragement motivate me to create a magical learning environment for my students everyday – an environment that values and respects their efforts to learn biology successfully in their new homes. My love of teaching and compassion for students and families, especially those who face the challenges of living, working, and attending school in a new country, has inspired my vision of the future and my desire to use my skills to enhance the well-being of my community.


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